Guide to Residential Sun City West Garage Door Service

September 25, 2016 no comments Posted in Garage Door Repair

A garage door has typically 300-400 components, making it one of the largest moving parts of a residence or commercial property. It is essential to maintain and service these parts regularly to ensure the safety and beauty of a garage door. Although one can undertake minor maintenance works by referring to manuals and videos, repair and replacement works should be contracted to a Professional Garage Door Repair Sun City West AZ company. Here’s a guide to ensure proper garage door service.

Look and hear
A visual and auditory check must be carried out regularly for your garage door. When you open or close the garage door, observe the look of the door. Is it sagging or flailing at the sides? It could be an alignment or balance issue. Perform a Reverse Door check to make sure the door’s sensors are working correctly. At the same time, observe if there are noises. The rollers and brackets need to be well lubricated to avoid unnecessary noises. A well-insulated door also reduces the overall noise.

Next, close the door completely. Does it get locked perfectly? When you open the door, does it go up all the way? If not, there could be issues with the garage door lock and opener.

The Look-And-Hear test will provide an assessment of your garage door which will come in handy when you employ a professional technician for repair work.

Company reputation
If you have determined that your garage door needs some repair work or you need a new installation, you need to hire the right people to do the job. Search for professional garage door repair city companies online or ask for recommendations from friends and family. Check out reviews and testimonials of the shortlisted companies. Ensure the company is licensed and knowledgeable. Check ratings for the company on regulatory agency sites such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The city garage door repair company must perform a thorough inspection of the problem. Do not hire companies that charge a visitation fee just to assess the problem and provide an estimate. Compare the estimates of different companies. Always ask for a full service price. Many companies will exclude the cost of labour and parts in the estimate to fool people into thinking that their quote is the lowest. Many companies also try to cheat customers by including costs for repairing certain parts that are working fine or selling you parts that you don’t need. Insist on checking the parts before starting repair work to ensure that they genuinely need to be replaced. A typical new garage door installation costs between $600-$900 and repair work can range from $50-$300 depending on the work involved.

Broken garage door springs are the most commonly reported repair problems. While replacing the springs, companies usually give a long spiel on which spring to use to confuse the customer, using fancy terms such as ‘spring cycles’. Don’t get bogged down. Springs are given a number such as 10000 cycles, 30000 cycles etc. which is an indicator of the spring cycle. One spring cycle is equivalent to your garage door being opened and closed once. In other words, if you use your door 5 times per day for 300 days in a year, a 10000 cycle spring will last 6-10 years. So, if you use your garage door more often, opt for high cycle spring as it will last longer. It is that simple.